HINT for file-upload 2021-Apr-Sat 07:43:58

Admin bot checks the reported URL(s) regularly, and the Nginx config is there for a reason :)

HINT for another note app 2021-Apr-Sat 07:43:15

My note app doesn't have Domain, isn't it sad?

HINT for So Safe Website 2021-Apr-Sat 07:42:40

Maybe you can break the object!

HINT for Redge 2021-Apr-Fri 08:32:12

rcx and rdx registers are being used redundantly and the results are discarded. Look at them carefully. The flag is a 16-byte hex string!

Re Diary 2021-Apr-Fri 06:08:45

Ok, we dropped the ball on this one. Re Diary had a minor problem in which we had a test flag left in the challenge. It has been fixed. Here is the new file.

Discord 2021-Apr-Sun 04:48:32

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