• You found a bug on our scoreboard, GREAT! report it and get extra points :)

  • Each team can only participate under one name.

  • There are no limits on the number people in a team.

  • If you are certain that the flag you have is 110% correct and the flag is not getting accepted, let us know through a private message on discord.

  • Don’t attempt to the distrupt the contest, it will result in disqualification.

  • Don’t be a jerk! We are all here to learn something new.

  • We have a dynamic scoreboard. Short and simple, the more teams solve a challenge, the less value the challenge has. The highly sophisticated formula we use:

    int(min_points + (max_points - min_points) / (1 + (max(0, solves - 1) / 11.92) ^ 1.206))

  • All flags are of the form: S4CTF{[0-9a-zA-Z_-]+.}, unless otherwise noted. i.e. S4CTF{some_l33t_string_l1k3_7hi5}

  • Prizes are reserved for top Iranian teams in both professional and junior categories. Writeup's are required from the winning teams.

  • Questions on challenges should be directed at the moderators on discord in a private message. There will be no point deduction for legitimate questions :)

  • Are you a first time CTF player? take a deep breath and stay calm ;), there are no golden rules on what to do, try to work on the challenge and extract the flag, a set of bytes which starts with S4CTF, and submit it. Don’t give up easily and try thinking out of the box. You will get a handle on CTF challenges much faster than you think.

  • Latest updates will be noted on the announcement page.